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Evergreen Soil Conservation is a leader in sustainability here in New Zealand. We provide a range of landscape and land care services ranging from land restoration, mulching, hydroseeding, weeding, gardening, and more.

The company started as Evergreen Soil Conservation back in 2012 by development coordinator Edward Atkinson with his family.

Edward Atkinson

Edward Atkinson is a business management graduate and he has been working for a local recruitment agency as their training and development coordinator. Atkinson would tend to his backyard with his familyduring the weekends.

It was a favourite activity for the entire family and everyone contributed. Atkinson was not only fond of gardening and landscaping, but he also had a talent for it. He understands what to do and how to do it.

As a young boy, Atkinson was taught by his father how to tend gardens and backyards. He then mastered all of those lessons. Now, he is teaching his children and some of their friends.

Evergreen Soil Conservation 2014

Back in 2014, Atkinson started a side business helping other households take care of their backyards. Atkinson registered his business and called it Evergreen Soil Conservation. The business took off and by 2016, he was the sole landscape provider in their community.

Atkinson has been invited by schools nearby to conduct sustainable seminars and training. Atkinson was recognized as an environmental specialist and not just a gardenerin their community.

In early 2015, Atkinson was featured by a local magazine and from there on, Evergreen Soil Conservation was born.

Evergreen Soil Conservation

In July 2015, Atkinson renamed the business Evergreen Soil Conservation to fully incorporate the range of sustainable services offered. In 2016, Atkinson was recognized as one of the top environmentalists in Auckland.

Evergreen Soil Conservation was the talk of the town in mid-2016 and our client base grew from 80 households to nearly 350 households all over Auckland.

Evergreen Soil Conservation is now a leader in landscaping and landscape restoration in the entire country. The company even joined several gardening competitions and we brought home some hardware.

Our company is mostly recognised for our landscaping and hydroseeding services.


Hydroseeding is a viable erosion control practice that does not cost much money. Hydroseeding is a common practice for construction companies. But householdscan apply this practice as an alternative to sowing or broadcasting dry seed.

Here atEvergreen Soil Conservation, we supply and provide all the necessary resources and materials needed.

For more information about our services, contact us today. If you want to learn how to tend to your backyard or garden, we can help you out.