Landscaping Leaders in New Zealand

Landscaping Leaders in New Zealand - Landscaping Leaders in New Zealand

Landscaping is a booming business here in New Zealand. Households want to incorporate the beauty and sustainability of their backyard to complement the country’s natural environments.

Zones Landscaping

Zones help build sustainable communities by helping households design and maintain their landscapes and gardens. Their landscape designing services is known all over the country as they tailor each design according to the client’s lifestyle and preferences.

They also provide great services and products for gardens and planting, outdoor rooms, outdoor cooking, and lawns.

This company is also an expert when it comes to sustainable practices like rainwater systems. As a bonus, they will also help you put up fences, walls, driveways, and so much more.

Landscaping Leaders in New Zealand gardener - Landscaping Leaders in New Zealand

The Landscape Company

TLC has transformed dull backyards to vibrant landscapes that scream sustainability. Their services are categorized into four, design, construction, planting, and maintenance. One of the edges of this company is its fleet of subcontractors all over the country. The company is a collective effort.

The most pivotal parts of their service are design consultation, plan concept, and planting plants. They make sure that they get input from their clients to make sure everything is according to the latter’s preferences and lifestyle.

Natural Habitats

Natural Habitats is recognised not only in the country but throughout the world. This company is a recipient of several awards. The company is now incorporating green innovation in its services to maximise all of its resources.

They provide landscaping services to both residential and commercial properties. Their services also include the installation of green walls, green roofs, and eco-gabions. Natural Habitats believe that landscapes evolve and develop through time and that they are vital for future sustainability.

We highly recommend any of these three providers or better yet, why not do it yourself. If you don’t know what to do, we can teach you the ropes and how to master all landscaping techniques and methods.

The Importance of Landscaping here in New Zealand

The Importance of Landscaping here in New Zealand - The Importance of Landscaping here in New Zealand

New Zealand’s natural landscapes are under threat due to several alarming reasons including rapid population growth, global warming, carbon emissions, and more. That is why we must be more sustainable and contribute to protecting our natural landscapes by first protecting our backyard.

We can start with landscaping and caring for our backyard. It is not just about making your backyard more pleasing and green. It is about being sustainable at home that will eventually benefit the entire environment around you.

Quality of Life

A green, clean, and sustainable backyard is a big step towards a better quality of life. The natural beauty of it is not only pleasing to the eyes but it also improves well-being. A green backyard pumps up cleaner air that benefits not only your family but your neighbours as well.

It is also proven by several studies that households with well-maintained backyards or gardens are more productive and happy. It is a sense of relief and cleanliness knowing that your backyard is not just a backyard but a sustainable factor for the entire community.

A well-taken care of backyard is also ideal for all sorts of lifestyles. It is a great way to maximize your property space.

Real Estate Selling Point

A garden is already a selling point in the real estate market here in New Zealand and the same goes in Australia. More and more homebuyers are looking for a big backyard or outdoor space.

These days, a tended garden or backyard is a focal selling point. More home buyers and property investors are keen on choosing a property that has both great interior and exterior features. In some cases, people tend to choose properties with larger outdoor space.

They want a property where the outdoor space complements not only the outside environment but indoors as well.

These days, New Zealand and Australia are experiencing two strong property trends, large green space and mega-garage. People are more drawn to properties that either has a big backyard or a big garage. Some properties have both.

Green Initiative

The New Zealand government, other public sectors and private companies are working together for a massive green initiative here in the country. There are different programs and fields we can engage with to ensure a sustainable environment and future forour children and their children.

Maintaining your backyard and making sure your surrounding is always clean is a step-forward for that vision. The Ministry of the Environment is moving forward with their sustainable practices targeting households and businesses all over the country.

The sustainable program focuses on sustainable households, greenspace expansion, carbon-neutral public services, sustainable procurement, waste management and business partnerships for sustainability.

If you don’t know where to start, then connect with us today or subscribe to our blog to learn how you can contribute. We are in this together.

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